UX specialist Senior

We are looking for curious, rebellious, and experienced people to join our Experience Design team as a Senior UX Specialist. The candidate must possess a deep understanding of human-centered design principles, a strong research and analytical ability, as well as the creativity and problem-solving skills necessary to transform ideas into compelling proposals and visual prototypes.

For this role, we are seeking individuals who can join our team as well as those who work on a freelance basis (contractor).

As a UX specialist Senior

You will be designing digital solutions for a wide range of problems. To do so, you will lead exploratory processes both with the EGO team and in sessions with the Client, implementing mechanisms that will yield the insights necessary to underpin precise design decisions for project needs.

As a Senior UX Specialist, your responsibilities will include:

  • Leading research and ideation processes with the client.
  • Leading and conducting comprehensive user research to understand their needs, behaviors, and motivations.
  • Collaborating closely with multidisciplinary teams to define data-driven design strategies based on research findings.
  • Collaborating with product managers and engineering to design and deliver solutions that effectively meet our business goals.
  • Devising intuitive and appealing solutions that address complex design problems.
  • Creating high-quality wireframes, prototypes, and visual designs that clearly communicate the product vision.
  • Demonstrating the ability to lead and/or conduct usability tests, analyzing results to iterate and continuously enhance design solutions.
  • Transforming data into insights and proposing data-driven design solutions.
  • Staying informed about trends and best practices in digital product design and user experience.

Your role as a Senior UX Specialist will involve orchestrating innovative approaches, fostering collaborative processes, and championing user-centric design throughout the project lifecycle.


Currently, you are in the process of developing as a Senior UX professional or in a role similar to the one described.

You should have the ability to effectively communicate and present design ideas. Additionally, you should possess experience in leading projects and collaborating with interdisciplinary teams.

Being a Senior UX Specialist involves a multifaceted skill set that includes design proficiency, project leadership, and effective collaboration with teams to create exceptional digital products that prioritize user experiences.

Your expertise should encompass:

  • Deep knowledge of user-centered design principles and experience with responsive design.
  • Experience in moderating workshops and collaborative methodologies such as Design Thinking, Design Sprints, among others.
  • Strong problem-solving skills and critical thinking ability.
  • Proficiency in conducting user research, including interviews, surveys, and usability testing.
  • Skill in translating research data into effective and appealing design solutions.
  • Self-management skills and task coordination to stay within the limits of the work roadmap.
  • Understanding of work dynamics to anticipate potential issues that could impact the project roadmap.
  • Proficiency in Figma.
  • Proficiency in prototyping tools.
  • Demonstrable experience in digital product design and UX/UI, with a portfolio showcasing relevant projects.

Here you'll find...

No matter where

  • We are remote first, so you can connect from wherever you are. The place is the least, the important thing is you.
  • If you are around Capital Federal, our office is waiting for you when you need it.
  • You will receive a personalized working kit, previously chosen by you.
  • Soft landing for your first weeks at the agency.

Real vacations

Your vacations, days off and licenses are counted only in business days. What does it mean? That your rest and personal time is yours and we don’t want any holiday or weekend to steal your time:

  • 10 days of real vacations.
  • +2 EGO days a year (free days!)
  • +1 Free day on your birthday (it's a special day)
  • +1 extra EGO Day each year.

Empowered salary

We pay attention to the value of your salary and the time you dedicate to us. That is why we make 5 adjustments a year.

  • 4 Quarterly adjustments: March, June, September and November
  • + 1 Performance review in November.


We offer, OSDE 210 prepaid medicine plan for you.

Personal and professional growth

  • You will be part of a dynamic team that challenges you with different kinds of projects for different industries, looking for real solutions for a wide range of problems and users.
  • English lessons.
  • Soft & hard technical skills.
  • Environmental and sustainable learning.

A purpose driven community

  • Extended licenses so that you can be closer to your loved ones.
  • Carbon neutral. Every year we measure the carbon footprint that we generate by working and neutralize it by planting trees in the native forests of Argentine Patagonia.
  • Caring of others. Helping us choose the Organizations that will be part of our donation program.
  • Being part of a community with a purpose.