This world needs design

Design is about solving problems and we are passionate about creating digital products that provide people centric solutions.

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It’s always about people

Is better

There's no method for inspiration, it's the result of courageous minds working for a common goal. "If you walk alone, you will go faster; if you walk accompanied, you will go further"

is about values

We seek to be more connected as a team, offering spaces for awareness, debate and action on the issues that most sensitize us. We channel it through the Culture Committee and it is complemented by EGO's ethical agreement.

Stand up for what is fair
We are against disrespect, neglect and unequal opportunities. We encourage you to fight them.
Look for inclusion
We are all invited to live in this world. We all have the right to be respected and taken into account.
Celebrate diversity
Accept that we are all different and have traveled different paths. Learn from it.
We all are a work-in-progress
Be patient with yourself. Be patient with others. Understand that we all have a struggle with ourselves.

Growth is both,
personal and

There is no such thing as separating the professional from the personal. The great responsibility of designing commits us to be fully involved in the search for the answers. Better people, better professionals, a better world.

Be humble

Allow yourself to be wrong, answers come from mistakes.

Be responsible

Be aware of the impact of your actions.

Be sensitive

Empathy is born from the possibility of sensitizing ourselves.

Be bold

Be rebellious, be courageous. World needs you.

Be curious

There is too much to do to repeat the same thing every time.

We look for people /

We look for people /

We look for people /

who seeks to learn /

who seeks to learn /

who seeks to learn /

who are excited to create /

who are excited to create /

who are excited to create /

and vibrates with our culture /

and vibrates with our culture /

and vibrates with our culture /

here, you’ll find:

Remote first 🌎

Connect from wherever you are. The place is the least, the important thing is you.

New things 🎉

Being part of a dynamic that challenges you with different projects and industries.

Office days 🏠

If you are around Capital Federal, the office is waiting for you when you need it.

It’s all on us 👍

Complete set of work and soft landing for your first weeks at the agency.

Carbon neutral 🌿

Every year we measure the carbon footprint that we generate by working and neutralize it by planting trees in the native forests of Argentine Patagonia.

Real days off 🤙

Your vacations, days off and licenses are counted only in business days. What does it mean? That your rest and personal time is yours and we don’t want any holiday or weekend to steal your time:

10 days of real vacations.
+2 EGO days a year (free days!)
+1 extra EGO Day each year.
+extended licenses

360º training 🎓

Soft & hard technical skills + English lessons + environmental and sustainable learning.

Health ❤️

Get OSDE 210 prepaid medicine plan for you.

Caring of others 🙌

Helping us choose the Organizations that will be part of our donation program.

A empowered salary 💪

An empowered salary: We pay attention to the value of your salary and the time you dedicate to us. That is why we make 5 adjustments a year.

Quarterly adjustments: March, June, September and November

1 Performance review on November

A community 🤝

Being part of a community with a purpose.

We are looking
for you

That’s the way we are