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Why an ethical agreement?

Because we seek to generate a transformation in the world we inhabit and in this process we let ourselves be guided by our values.

This is why we want to have an Agreement that unifies the ethical criteria and values ​​of all of us who are part of EGO. This Agreement is not intended to be exhaustive, but will include general guidelines on how to conduct our business.

Scope of the agreement: We are involved

All members of the EGO team must be guided by this Agreement. At the same time, we hope to spread our values ​​to everyone with whom we interact, be they customers or suppliers, to join us in working respectfully, with ethics and transparency as the axis.

Commitment to the 2030 agenda and sustainable development goals

As our manifesto affirms, we are part of the whole and we constitute ourselves in relation to others and the environment.

In this sense, we consider it important to be part of the 2030 Agenda, where the world has set holistic goals in order to promote sustainable development that improves the lives and prospects of people and the environment around the world.

The 2030 Agenda is driven by 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) that promote social progress, care for our planet and balanced economic growth.

From EGO Agency we contribute to their development, and we highlight 4 in which we work in greater depth: Gender equality (5), Decent work and economic growth (8), Fight against climate change (13), Peace, justice and institutions solid (16).

We work as a team

At EGO we promote a culture of teamwork, which activates creativity and fosters respect in the recognition of ideas and acceptance of the contributions of others, listening and sharing information with generosity.

We respect human rights

We are an organization committed to respect for others, starting with our team and extending it to everyone who works with us.

We respect and promote the Universal Declaration of Human Rights promulgated by the United Nations, establishing the rights that all people have without any discrimination.

We respect equal opportunities and non-discrimination

We believe that we are all the same. We do not see differences between people based on their gender, race, creed, disability, political opinion, sexual orientation, and nationality. We respect everyone's choices and enrich ourselves with our differences.

We do not tolerate any form of discrimination or harassment and have our complaint channel open to deal with any situation that disturbs, upsets or alters you; whether or not it affects the normal functioning of our work. For any case you feel, we have channels that serve as accompaniment for the person who needs it.

We respect the laws of our country

As a legally constituted company, we respect and comply with the legal regulations that govern private companies in Argentina.

We promote environmental and community development

We join initiatives that allow us to contribute to environmental development, in addition to strengthening habits that do not harm it.

That’s the way we are