to the Inspiring

The Forest is a community, it is the encounter of wills that, without seeking it, build a place that they feel as their own and as something collective. We welcome you to our forest, to your forest... to the inspiring forest.

To plant a tree is to give a chance. The opportunity to connect, to be inspired.

2 trees planted
since 2020.

We plant opportunities

Supporting others connects us. Every step we approach is an opportunity to continue inspiring change. In EGO we have the Participatory Donations Program and the Impactful Entrepreneurs Program with the objective of empowering efforts and wills to maximize our impact.

We collaborate throught our donation and purpose driven startup programs

El Campito Refugio

Donation Program

As it is a non-euthanasia shelter, it does not consider any of its animals unviable.

El Paraíso de los Animales

Donation Program

They take care of and protect more than 850 animals of different species rescued from mistreatment and exploitation.

Fundación Germinare

Donation Program

Provide children from low-income homes, and their parents and/or responsible adults, the opportunity to progress through education.

Casa Trans

Donation Program

A space for support, sociability and protection of rights aimed at the trans population.


Donation Program

They generate community through collective plantations, empower local producers and conserve native forests.


Purpose driven startup program

They produce agroecological food from the field to the store & associate producers, so that they can sell a healthy industrialized product.


Purpose driven startup program

Empowering people through love and respect for water and for themselves.

Fundación Juanito

Donation Program

Dedicated to the protection of children and adolescents in vulnerable situations.


Donation Program

Organization aimed at the rehabilitation of rescued equines in situations of emergency, negligence or abandonment.


Donation Program

We act for the labor insertion of trans, non-binary and disabled people in formal jobs in the area of systems


Donation Program

We promote the right of children and adolescents to grow up in a family through advice and training of the actors involved in the adoption process.

Welcome to the Inspiring Forest. Through EGO you came to it, but you are invited to stay as much as you like. What you plant here will be with you forever.

We are a community and we don’t walk alone. These are the ones who accompany us on this path: