Humans at banking

The tale of our 9 years journey with Santander

From an art direction provider, to a digital partner, to an agency specializing in user experiences, all in a single journey. Our history with Santander is enriched not only by the experiences we created for their users, but also by the connections they made that formed the seeds for the profound digital transformation we are currently experiencing

Art Direction / Design / Creativity /

Art Direction / Design / Creativity /

Concept / Prototyping / User experience /

Concept / Prototyping / User experience /

Development / Discovery / Design /

Development / Discovery / Design /

Design Thinkig / User Research / Discovery /

Design Thinkig / User Research / Discovery /

Discovery / Interaction Design / Development /

Discovery / Interaction Design / Development /

The challenge

Build experiences for all users: the business and customers.

  1. Transform the public portals.
  2. Design the clients digital platforms.
  3. Reimagine management platforms for executives and staff.
  4. Explore and co-ideate new solutions for segments and products.
  5. Design experiences for other companies inside Santander Group.

1 / Transform public portals.

A communication tool

Since 2012 and until 2020, we have been working on improving public digital communication channels in various areas, such as: Website; Help Portal; Benefits and Rewards program and News Portal.

Image of a web browser showing the design of the Main Page of the Banco Santander website
Image of a mobile phone showing the Responsive capabilities of the Main Page Image of the news portal called Santander Post, designed and developed by EGO
Our commitment and challenge was to connect the different teams, segments and products to create a positive and dynamic work environment
Emiliano Porterie Operations Director at EGO

2 / Design the clients digital platforms.

Online Banking & app

On this trip we have covered the exploration process, the creation and designing of the APP and online banking from the very beginning in 2013 up until the modern known versions, by conducting the investigation process, interviews with users, usability tests, and Design Thinking workshops in all stages of the life cycle of the products.

In 2018 one of the most innovative On Line Banking programs was launched, and in the process of its development we travelled through many creative and visual instances that led to the successful experiences we wanted to create.

One of the explored concepts where we managed to integrate the experiences of Online Banking and the app.

The goal will always be supply users, all of them, with tools, each of which is impacted from the onset and in the usage of the product.
Ricaro Teruel Chief Visionary Officer at EGO

3 / Reimagine management platforms for executives and staff.

Insider tools

Reimagine the tools that executives, managers, and customer service staff must use to perform their duties while they might track personal or group performances across branches.

Image of the homepages of the internal platforms for Executives, Managers and Customer Services staff

For two months we were involved in the full Discovery of CRM, both for commercial staff and account managers. We created the MVP and published it 12 months later and participated in the improvements made over the following 24 months

B1 was the name of the project that explored the commercial management platform of the branches and the performance of each manager, based on the CRM user experience.

The challenge was to find the right tool that could integrate the needs of different areas, so as to maximize the business goals.
Julio Spinetto Desing Director at EGO

4 / Explore and co-ideate new solutions for segments and products.

Explore, think, create.
Do it again.

In recent years, we have participated in various exploratory processes (Design Thinking; Project Discovery), bringing in the user's perspective, our experience in collaborating with different areas within the bank and the interdisciplinary vision of the product.

5 / Design experiences for other companies inside Santander Group.

Part of the group

Santander is not only the Bank. As the group diversified it┬┤s products and business units, we had the opportunity to collaborate in the different digital needs.

Image of the main page of Getnet, a Santander Solution for paymets
We are proud of the years we have spent with Santander, and we are grateful for the place we occupy and for having met their expectations.
Bruno Borgoglio CEO at EGO