Evolving to digital

Building an advance tech platform for Toyota Chile

We worked together with Toyota Chile on the construction of a digital platform that would boost business growth, aiming at performance, ROI and the Toyota experience throughout the user journey.

To do this, we built a digital platform based on proven pillars of experience, technologically solid, versatile, scalable and integrated with the various company systems.

The challenge

Build a full digital experience that attends all the stages of buying a vehicle

  1. The starting point: the needs.
  2. Tech stack: choosing the right one.
  3. The experience: leveraging the findings.
  4. Building the platform: Create and iterate.
  5. Expanding the platform: Shop, Brand Pillars, Side Business Sites.

1 / The starting point: the needs

Focused on performance, autonomy, security and conversion.


The product should perform in terms of speed, accessibility and responsiveness.


Have independence in content management without falling into requests to other areas.


The product should be solid, scalable and can be easily integrated with other software.

New experience

The product should be easy to use, intuitive, help users make desicions and oriented to action.

2 / Tech stack: Choosing the right one.

Just like Netflix & NASA

Our technological proposal was in itself a challenge. Toyota Chile’s request was based on the need to have independence in content management while having a solid, scalable and easy to integrate platform.

Python Django Wagtail AWS

As a must, the development should perform more in terms of speed, accessibility and responsiveness. These requirements, added to the skills of our team, led us to opt for Python Language, Django Framework and Wagtail-based CMS.

Python is a very versatile language and can be used for many different tasks, from web development to machine learning to artificial intelligence. Python's archive of modules and libraries, is huge and growing. Its vast community supports other developers when they hit a roadblock.

3 / The experience: leveraging the findings.

Just like Toyota Argentina’s experience

The experience design for Toyota Argentina gained wide recognition within the group worldwide, not only for its findings and solutions, but also for the excellent results in terms of performance, conversion and brand awareness. For these reasons, together with Toyota Chile, we chose to start from there to build the brand's own experience.

Toyota argentina case

4 / Building the platform: create and iterate

A conversion and performance focused platform from the start.

From the first moment, the platform had to show results and be aligned with the objectives that Toyota Chile had set while it had to be online in the shortest possible time. For this, we approach an agile production focus: we define the MVP and the evolutionary features, allowing us to either be focused on a line of work or parallelize teams and efforts as necessary.

Build and price

The user will be able to completely configure his Toyota, from its characteristics to simulating a financing plan, prepaying official services, delivering a used vehicle as a form of payment and the accessories with which he wishes to equip it.

Payment features

The platform allows you to configure discounts and promotions with the necessary business rules, quote online the value of your used car to deliver it as a payment and simulate and pre-approve a financing plan online on the remaining balance.

After-sales service

The platform allows managing and making available all the information for owners of a Toyota. All content is indexed and accessible via API to the various products and services of the brand.


5 / Expanding the platform: Shop, Brand Pillars, Side Business Sites

It’s a platform
if it’s scalable

Reliability and scalability were necessary requirements for the roadmap of the Toyota Chile platform. We started with a website with many features, to later incorporate Online Car Reservation, online purchase of maintenance and brand pillars such as Toyota Gazoo Racing and Kinto.

Book your Toyota

A place to book the Toyota you want. Toyota Store is a platform where dealerships from all over the country publish their offers and stock so that users can book the car they want directly with the dealership through an online payment that is integrated with the site's CMS, Toyota CRM and Leads CRM of the dealer network.

Buy your maintenance

In Toyota Store you can also buy the maintenance of your Toyota online to perform them at the Dealership of your choice. The platform offers special bonuses and make the payment online.

Toyota Gazoo Racing

Toyota’s history in motorsports dates back more than 60 years. Having raced in all manner of motorsports throughout the world, Toyota’s major successes gained under the most extreme conditions serve as the flesh and blood for building tomorrow’s cars.

In order to embody the concept of “Roads Build People and Cars” Toyota refines every aspect of its cars on the world’s roads and unsparingly applies the knowledge and technology gained in this way as feedback.


Toyota Mobility Services is now KINTO, a big step towards the ultimate goal of Mobility for All. Kinto is an innovative mobility solution. With more congested cities, more connected lives, and changing aspirations, the way people get around is evolving. Kinto accompanies that transformation.

Image of the Main page of the Kinto website designed and developed by EGO

Impact of this redesign

+266% Web traffic
+382% Web quotations
x2 Closing rate
The automotive industry is rapidly evolving from technological developments to digital transformation. Consumers are increasingly stringent in acquiring an advanced and better experience.
Bruno Borgoglio CEO at EGO