A decision tool

Rethinking the Toyota Argentina web experience

It all started with the need to rethink a website, which took us through a path of research and design with more than 50 interviews and hundreds of surveys in an evolutionary and creative dynamic, tailored to the needs and expectations of Toyota, its teams and its culture. Behind every "we need a new website" there is always a story to tell

The challenge

Build a new website as a user-centric business platform

  1. Dive into a discovery process to find the insights that will support the design decisions.
  2. Build a multidimensional journey.
  3. Define the added value of the website.
  4. Design and develope the entire product.

1 / Dive into a discovery

Unveiling the users

The final user is usually not so easy to define, that’s why we’ve implemented an extensive research process to reach all the digital experience touchpoints.

We did 57 interviews and 129 surveys to Toyota Clients, people who recently bought a car, people who are looking to buy a car and the Toyota crew as dealer sales force, Commercial directors and Marketing & Communication team

2 / Build a multidimensional journey

The treasure map

We map users' emotions based on their motivations at the time they decide to buy a car.

Marian, who wants to buy a car said to us: I already know the brand, I just have to decide which model to change to
Luciano, Dealer at Toyota said: The website is very important, it’s what inspires confidence, it is what allows you to know the product
The journey map has 5 levels:
  1. Map of emotions
  2. Journey of who wants to buying a car
  3. Motivation mapping
  4. Journey of the Toyota’s crew
  5. Map of problems, needs, insights and conclusions.

3 / Define the added value of the website

Intuitive navigation for better decisions

The website will be built to help users make better-informed decisions through what we call "decision components": knowing the features of a vehicle, how to compare it, the different payment methods, maintenance and after-sales support they would receive by choosing a Toyota.

Users need to know not only exactly what the car can offer them, but also whether they can buy it.
Services and accesories
After-sales service and availability of spare parts are crucial for buyers.
The different payment options are one of the elements that people pay most attention to at the time of purchase.
Articles, opinions and information about vehicles in media outside Toyota

4 / Design and develope the entire product.

Crafting the experience

With the results of the research and the needs of the business we designed the interface of the Toyota web platform, attending commercial, strategic needs and the vision of the brand.

Impact of this redesign

1200% convertions
+48% time spent in the site
-89% rebound
The challenge was to find precisely the users for whom we were going to design and thus discover that the entire company was waiting for this redesign.
Julio Spinetto Design Director at EGO