A brand new home

We redesigned the digital experience of UCEMA

When we met UCEMA, the University was carrying out a process of brand transformation that aimed to enhance its positioning, revalue its prestige, unite the community of students and build a new experience for all of them.

As part of this ambitious goal, the redesign of the website was a fundamental piece and under this premise we joined forces, talent and wills with the Marketing, IT, agencies and stakeholders of the university to carry out this success story.

The challenge

Design an experience that represents the vision of future of the UCEMA

The approach
  1. Setting the roots the needs.
  2. Bridging the gap between culture, vision, users and communication.
  3. Designing the web experience

1 / Setting the roots

the starting point

Project Discovery® was the first step. Big projects require the entire team to be aligned in knowledge and expectations in order to flow harmoniously.

Vision agreement

We meet and share the needs, vision and expectations of the project.

Analytics review

We analyze website statistics to understand how it is used

Research focus

We identify the use cases and definethe people we will interview

Interview agenda

Interviews are scheduled while instructing the team members who will be part of them

2 / Bridging the gap

Let’s talk with the users

Community is one of the most recognized attributes at UCEMA. Starting with the people who make it up was the most natural and sincere, not only for the design process, but with the values and philosophy of the University. We went out and talked to students, alumni and people interested in undergraduate, graduate and executive training.

Rosario said: I choose it because of the quality of its teachers and the background of the institution. We did 20 interviews with students and Prospect looking for: Graduate Studies, Postgraduate Studies, Digital postgraduate studies and Executive Education Martin said: I chose it because I feel that you have to work hard to get the title. People highlight the Experience and quality of its teachers, the Human warmth, the Prestige of the institution, the Liberal Thought and the Educational quality of the UCEMA. Josefina said: Registration was very easy and fast. The university is very warm and humane.

The journey map

From the interviews, a map of people's emotions is made when interacting with the product and what emotions they experience when meeting a particular need. This map allows us to identify the high and low points of the experience.

The findings

Organization of careers and courses

STAGE: Discovery

Categorise careers based on user criteria: Prerequisites, online vs face-to-face modality, duration, availability of schedules, price, others.

Testimonials and onboarding

STAGE: registration

Registration is perceived simple and fast. Highlight these characteristics through student testimonials and once the registration is made, maintain expectations by providing material for the student related to their future course.

  • Early Days Instruction
  • Important web and phone access
  • Teachers, subjects and colleagues
  • Transport to University
  • Communities and support groups
  • Extra-curricular activities
  • Benefits and discounts for students
Value proposition


People compare different universities to decide which is the most convenient step at the level of effort/ benefit.

UCEMA's value proposition must be clear and present in all communication to differentiate itself from the competition.

Highlight the information of teachers and directors to know if they have professional or business experience, since it is a key factor when choosing where to study.



The website is still important to students even when they are studying.

In addition to access to the WebCampus the site functions as the public image that represents the values and prestige of the University where they are reflected.

Contemplating the participation of students and alumni in communication can strengthen the bond and at the same time encourage new stakeholders.

Humane treatment

STAGE: Decision-making

Human warmth stands out, making people feel included, valued and accompanied from the first contact with the University.

Maintain and highlight the human treatment in communication and digital media to take advantage of this differential.



Once graduated, UCEMA students generate a supportive link with the University. Many of them seek advice and accompaniment at the University in view of the intention of carrying out new studies.

Provide information on courses, workshops and postgraduate courses for alumni, highlighting benefits such as scholarships or immediate access without leveling to encourage enrollment.

3 / Designing the web experience

Future, education, prestige and community

The website, as the digital home of the UCEMA, must not only transmit the values of the institution, but also be the tool that unites the University with its community and invite other people to trust and join it.

Building a navigation based
on research findings

People were clear with their needs when choosing a training institution. They need to trust the institution, easily identify the academic offer, validate the knowledge of their professors and understand what the experience of being a student at the University is like.

We completely redesigned the navigation architecture of the website, organizing the academic offer, highlighting the concepts that validate the quality of the institution and give prestige to all those who are part of its community.

A design system
for storytelling

UCEMA is a large community with many communication needs. Creating a design system anchored to an on/off style library that was versatile, ready to develop and consistent was the challenge that led us to this result. Components that are combined with styles, within higher level components to build infinite possible pages, for infinite messages.

Making the user experience become a brand was our challenge. Empower people in every interaction with UCEMA.
Julio Spinetto Design Director
Happy to have worked with EGO. Very professional from start to finish, they are very talented and it was a pleasure to work with.
Sofia Garat Director of Communication and Marketing at UCEMA